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Equity Research

Momentum Securities Corp provides independent equity market research for both professional and individual investors. We update our database daily to provide users of the website and our subscribers with the most up to date information. Our independence is what separates us from the traditional bank sponsored or brokerage research. We have absolutely no relationship with any publicly traded company. We do not underwrite or promote any company's stock and are not paid to conduct research on any publicly traded company.

Technical Analysis

Our research begins with price discovery and the supply/demand characteristics that are fundamental to any market. The basis of our research is very different from many typical Wall Street or Bay Street analysts whom often use one of two methodologies. The first being a “top down” approach where global factors (economies, demographics, market cycles, etc.) dominate the investment thesis. Or the second, a “bottom up" approach where indvidual company financial statements and trends in these statements (revenue, earnings per share, etc.) form the basis of their investment thesis. Here at Momentum Securities Corp, our thesis begins with the market in of itself, the basis of a market are the supply and demand factors.

How to analyze stocks based on Technical Analysis

Building a Profitable System

There are a variety mathematical formulas that define a myriad of technical indicators as discussed above. These indicators or formulas are what form the basis of what is called a Mechanical System. But having the most complex formula or mechanical system doesn’t necessarily translate into the highest profits. In fact it is how these formulas or mechanical systems are used in concert with the mathematical expectation of the system as well as money management techniques.

  1. What is a Mechanical System?
  2. What is Mathematical Expectation?
  3. How to Maximize Returns of a Mechanical System.
  4. How to apply Game Theory to stock investing.

Sector Analysis

A good mechanical system that has a postive mathematical expectation can be further enhanced by investing in quality companies. The landscape of Canadian publicly traded companies is dominated by financials, oil and gas, gold and mining or exploration companies. Below is a list of links describing the nuances of analyzing those specific sectors.

  1. How to analyze Canadian Banks
  2. How to analyze Canadian Gold companies
  3. How to analyze Oil & Gas companies
  4. How to analyze Mining or Exploration companies
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