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The Daily Report

Get the most recent issue of the Daily Report here discussing technical support and resistance levels as well as short term analysis for the TSE 60 index. Plus get the latest stock and sector trends from both the Canadian and US equity markets with our feature charts and summaries.

Capital Gains & Dividend Yield Portfolio

As part of our service, we include two guided portfolios, the “Capital Gains Portfolio” and the “Dividend Yield Portfolio”, both with very different mandates to suit the needs of our subscriber base.

The Capital Gains Portfolio

The “Capital Gains Portfolio” attempts to maximize returns through capital gains otherwise known as buying low and selling high. The methodology uses a number of technical studies in combination with each other that we have back tested and proven to show the highest geometric mean (profitability). The “Capital Gains Portfolio” has only 8 stock positions keeping the process simple plus adhering to the disciplines of proper money management techniques as well as optimizing ROI (return on investment) through capital gains. This is our most utilized portfolio.

View the current holdings in the Capital Gains Portfolio here.

The Dividend Yield Portfolio

The mandate of this portfolio is to achieve the highest level of ROI (return on investment) by focusing on dividend paying equities ONLY. Sector trends are analyzed and used in order to discern where the best opportunities are found applying a 3 month time frame. Even though the analysis is based on what many consider to be a short term view, the holdings in the “Dividend Yield Portfolio” do not change that often. This is due to observing secular trends in the market based on quarterly earnings announcements and macro-economic trends. The number of positions in the “Dividend Yield Portfolio” can be up to 5 different holdings, again adhering to simplicity over abundance while loosely following sector diversification. In today’s world of global finance, money and sector rotation happens very fast. Our methodologies apply a tactical approach to this evolving trend.

View the current holdings in the Dividend/Yield Portfolio here.