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Our Services

Momentum Securities Corp which includes our web presence provides independent equity market research to our subscribers. Our online investment screening tool (SAAS – Software As A Service) provides users with the ability to search for stocks that meet certain fundamental and technical criteria. The screener is available to non-members but is limited as the graphing and company data is only available to paid subscribers.

Free Services

As mentioned above, our Software as a Service (Saas) provides registered users of our website access to our own tools for discovering winning stocks. As a registered user, you will receive every business day, a daily email that provides a chart of the TSE 60 index as well a brief technical breakdown of certain price resistance and support levels. Registered users also have access to market statistics for both the TSE 60 and the S&P 500 stock indexes.

Paid Services ($35/mo CAD) Include:

The Daily Report

Paid subscribers receive our Daily Report, a daily email sent out before the open of the market every business day. The Daily Report includes stock charts and analysis based on current fundamental and/or technical events triggered in the stock market. The Daily Report also discusses numerous macro economic reports and attempts to discern how these events will be perceived by the market. Sector analysis is also included in order to reveal the underlying trends in the market. The Daily Report is daily communication that informs traders of short term opportunities and offers longer term investors comfort knowing that their investments are constantly being monitored.

Sample Portfolios

The Daily Report also includes two sample portfolios. One has been named the Capital Gains Portfolio and the other is named the Dividend/Yield Portfolio. The title of each sample portfolio is self explanatory. The sample portfolios are used as a model to guide our subscribers through the decision making process. Momentum Securities Corp is an independent research firm and does not hold any client assets. We are not paid by any publicly traded company to promote their stock. Our research is disseminated to our subscriber base through our Daily Report, our sample portfolios and the action alerts. View a brief video on our Sample Portfolios.

Action Alerts

After years of working in the full service investment industry, I realized that communication is critical in order to foster confidence from an investment advisor. Our Action Alerts communicate to our subscribers through email in real time the buys and sells in both the Dividend/Yield Portfolio as well as the Capital Gains Portfolio. It is through our Action Alerts that we alert our subscribers to the timing of the buys and sells. The Action Alerts are not a daily occurrence, in fact in our Dividend/Yield Portfolio, the turnover is very low. We do however reduce/increase exposure to the market depending on our own market analysis. This is one way to control risk. The Action Alerts are used as guide and a benchmark for our investment success.

Web Screening Tools & Analysis

The website provides users of the website access to our SAAS (Software as a Service) web screening tool and analysis through any web browser (mobile, desktop, tablet). The tool can be customised to search for any number of criteria including technical and fundamental information. Click Screening Tools and Analysis to view a brief video on how to use our customizable screens.

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